About the Shiloh Shepherd

About the Shiloh Shepherd dog

The Shiloh Shepherd dog is a commanding presence! The dog is big, intelligent, brave, allround, sweet and has got a heart of gold. The Shiloh Shepherd is a highly sensitive breed and it is therefore of utmost importance to socialise the dog since it was a puppy and also, to train the dog in an encouraging way. The Shiloh Shepherd is a typical family dog and adapts easily to different lifestyles and habitats, after a decent socialisation. The dog is particularly friendly to (young) children, is steady and socially minded. When encountered with strangers, the dog will remain supine, but once the dog knows you it will shower you with happiness and love. The Shiloh Shepherd dog excells in obedience competitions and is perfectly suitable to perform as search and rescue dog, in herding or as a therapy dog. Most of all, the Shiloh Shepherd dog is your new best friend as he will always be loyal and protective of you.


The ideal height of a mature male dog is 30 inch or more and not smaller than 28 inch. The ideal height of a mature female dog is 28 inch or more and not smaller than 26 inch. Lykai - Shiloh ShepherdFurthermore it is important for the dog to have the correct balance and movement. The pace has to be elastic and easy. In addition, strenght and endurance are important elements. The ideal weight of a mature male is 140-160 pounds and not less than 120 pounds. The ideal weight of a mature female is 100-120 pounds and not less than 80 pounds. The Shiloh Shepherd knows two types of fur manifolds: smooth and plush. Regarding the colour of the fur, all colours are allowed.


The Shiloh Shepherd breed has been founded by Tina Barber from the American state of New York. Tina grew up with German Shepherd dogs. Inspired by the dogs she grew up with, she strived to develop a dog breed with the well known intelligence of the German Shepherd, but bigger, with better hips and a more stable character. After years of highly selective breeding, she succeeded in creating an amazing Shepherd. For the Shiloh Shepherd, Tina used thHonden - Shiloh Shepherde following outcrosses: a Malamute, a German Shepherd and an American White Shepherd. Every time, Tina extensively researched the background of these dogs on the topics of health, physics and temper. By doing this, she made a justified choice in order to create a sound basis for the development of the new Shiloh Shepherd breed.

A breed in development

The Shiloh Shepherd is a breed in development and, so far, not a lot of people have heard of this specific dog. The breed is not officially recognised by the AKC (American Kennel Club) and the FCI (Fédération Cynologique Internationale) yet. It is important that prospective owners do some proper research in order to ensure that they get a legitimate Shiloh Shepherd dog.

One is allowed to start breeding with the Shiloh Shepherd only after having followed a training within the Dutch Shiloh Shepherd Club. Some very strict guidelines need to be met concerning the health, temper and physique of the dogs that one is going to breed with. In addition, focus will be put on the kinship of the combination. In order to be able to consult all the data that is gathered, an extensive database is created in which all the data of the registered Shiloh Shepherds have been entered. By means of careful selection during the breeding process and by staying loyal to the breeding requirements, we are trying to evolve this very special Shepherd dog.

We expect that prospective puppy owners cooperate to the evolvement of the Shiloh Shepherd dog. This means that after buying a Shiloh Shepherd puppy, you are obliged to take three specific tests. By doing this, you have a big share in the growth of this unique dog breed. More information about this topic can be found on the puppy page on this website.