Shiloh Shepherd puppies

The Shiloh Shepherd is still a relatively unknown breed in The Netherlands. Puppy litters are born regularly, so the Shiloh Shepherd population is growing!

I am contributing to the growth of the Shiloh Shepherd population in The Netherlands as I am an official breeder of the dog. The name of my kennel is Jewel Shilohs. The name Jewel is derived from my last name: Cieraad.

Tika/Charlie litter

Tika/Charlie litter

Lykai/Darkan litter

Lykai/Darkan litter


The best match only

Yes! A litter of puppies has been born. After quite a long time of waiting, you are now being considered for a sweet little puppy from the litter. You rush into paying a visit to the new-borns and what a cuties, all of them. The puppy wearing a green collar is you favourite, so that is the one to take home?! Unfortunately, that is not the way to select your puppy. As a breeder, I find it important that every dog is assigned to the right family. In orde to be able to assess this, we will have a meeting upfront to get to know you and your wishes regarding a dog. Also, you will decide whether you want a ‘pet’-dog or a ‘breeding’-dog. When the puppies are eight weeks old, a test will be done and also they will be checked on their physique. The test will give an idea of:

  • orientation towards human;
  • the extent of independence;
  • the extent of submissiveness/dominance;
  • the ease of trainability (intractability);
  • the pain barrier;
  • the presence or absence of hunting-, playing- and retreiving instinct;
  • the extent of resistance to loud noises;
  • Intelligence.

On the basis of the test results, I can make a good estimation of which puppy will be linked to which owner. In fact, I am running a dating bureau for animals and humans during the puppy time, haha.

Because the Shiloh Shepherd breed is still in development (read more at ‘About de Shiloh Shepherd dog‘), you are obliged to take three specific tests after buying a puppy:

  1. The hips and ellbows will be checked. This will be done by means of the the pennHip method and has to be carried out by a pennHip certified veterinarian.
  2. A heart test wiill be done.
  3. A temperament test will be done (after one year).

You will have a good story at birthday parties: you have a big share in the development of a new Shepherd breed in The Netherlands!

Puppies - Shiloh Shepherd

Puppies – Shiloh Shepherd