Lykai/Darkan puppies

Lykai/Darkan puppies

June 2016

YES, the puppies are here! It is a very unique litter because it is the first time that black and white Shiloh Shepherd dogs have been born in The Netherlands! On June 7, 11.30 pm, the first puppy was born and the next morning at 05.30 am, the last puppy was born. It was a prosperous delivery. Both Lykai en the puppies are fine. Lykai is a perfect mum. 7 male puppies have been born and 1 female puppy has been born.


De puppies één dag oud







May 2016
Echo puppies





April 2016

Lykai has been testing our patience, but finally I can share the good new that she is expecting a litter! A few weeks ago, mama to be Lykai was in heat. In the meantime a successful date has taken place with papa to be Darkan!

Let me introduce you to the happy couple, to start with the lady:


Lykai is two years old, weighs about 80 pounds and her height is 26 inch. Her fur colour is brown sable and her fur manifold is plush. She has a beautiful pace and while troating she is blessed with a floating moment. Her character is relaxed, she is intelligent, always in the mood to play and she is friendly to both humans and animals. In the house she acts affectionate and stays around to cuddle and relax. During obedience training, she has been placed as a catalyst in between lunging dogs to calm them down. Lykai is crazy about long distance walks and variation. She finds obedience training a bit boring.

Does she have any bad characteristics? I can only think of one: she barks more than my other Shiloh Shepherd dogs.


Darkan will turn three in June, weighs about 101 pounds and his height is 30 inch. His fur colour is grey sable and his fur manifold is plush, just like Lykai. Also, the characters of Darkan en Lykai are very alike. He is a sweet teddy bear and likes to stay around his owners, he is very friendly to other dogs, steady and not easily impressed by new situations, he is eager to learn and understands assignments really quick. In the house he is very calm. Darkan also likes to walk outside endlessly and he loves to play. Whenever he sees someone familiar he is happy, but to strangers he remains supine. Moreover, he prefers to avoid conflicts.

Both Lykai and Darkan meet all the health requirements, that have been set for the Shiloh Shepherd dog.

I am very curious to meet the puppies from this lovely combination!